Five Think Plastic Brazil Participants are approved at the European Ethical Style Guide

Think Plastic Brazil

Five Brazilian companies participating in Think Plastic Brazil were approved by the Environment Fair Committee (which takes place from February 7-11 in Germany) to form the select group of producers with the “Ethical Style Guide” label: Jaguar Plastics; Lolly Baby; Metaltru; Plasvale and Thermolar. The Online Guide covers all product groups and brings visitors to companies that manufacture products sustainably and under socially responsible conditions, helping them come to a better evaluation of the products offered.
Companies are entitled to use the stamp referred to in the year of the event’s edition in their communications. Check out the selected products below:
Jaguar Plastic – Eco Nature Line
Committed to sustainability and the future of the next generations, Jaguar Plastics has an exclusive line known as Eco Nature, which recycles the raw materials of the production processes. The result is a high quality, shiny and odorless product. An efficient process that contributes to the circular economy while maintaining awareness of natural resources.
Lolly Baby – Home Storage, Safety Products and Mugs Line
The company is responsible for reusing 100% of Tritan and Polypropylene in the production of personalized mugs and gifts, as well as organizing boxes containing child safety devices.
Metaltru – All Product Lines
The company does not work with materials or processes that may generate pollutants in the environment. It also gives preference to recyclable raw materials and durable designs.
Plasvale – Ecological Line
The line uses reprocessed plastic materials, seeking to respect the environment through reuse. In-house materials inputs (which are not intended for end products) are transformed into the new line that makes life easier for consumers.
Termolar – All product lines
The company uses 100% recycled steel and plastic components in non-food contact parts to produce thermally insulated bottles, jars, cylinders, bags and boxes.