InBetta donates 1,750 face masks to help fight Covid-19

Think Plastic Brazil

The company InBetta, which brings together the brands Bettanin, Atlas, Sanremo, Ordene and SuperPro, donated 1,750 face masks for combating the coronavirus pandemic to the Getúlio Vargas Municipal Hospital in Sapucaia do Sul.
Out of the total, 750 masks are of the type PFF1, and 1,000 are of the type PFF2 (N95 masks). According to InBetta representatives, the company is helping hospitals as much as possible. For Evandro, “it’s time for everyone to help each other”. Leandro Barcellos thanked the donation on behalf of the Foundation, emphasizing the importance of the participation of people and institutions in this critical moment for the health of the population: “We know the seriousness of this pandemic and we appreciate all kinds of cooperation so that we can go through it in the least traumatic way possible”.