International Yearbook 2022 is launched

Think Plastic Brazil

Already available the International Yearbook 2022, part of the 2nd World Plastic Connection Summit. In its second edition, the yearbook was published in three languages ??(Portuguese, English, and Spanish), featuring information about the Brazilian converted plastics sector and the internationalization process, in addition to the product portfolios of the member companies of the sectoral project.


Currently, 170 companies participate in the Think Plastic Brazil project, a 14% increase compared to 2021. Of this total, 125 already make exports, a figure 19% higher than in the previous year.


Sector exports as of September 2022 increased by 66.2% compared to 2021, generating $340.8 million in revenue. A total of 120,000 metric tons were exported, an 11.2% increase compared to last year.


Another index that showed growth was that of export destinations, which in 2022 reached 90, a figure 11.1% higher than in the previous period. “We are reaching countries where we did not reach before,” commented Carlos Moreira, Strategy and Project Planning Manager at Think Plastic Brazil.


Nevertheless, the main markets for Brazilian converted plastics are still located in the Americas. The main consumer is Argentina (25.08%), followed by the United States (12.06%). Chile (12.05%), Paraguay (6.58%), and Uruguay (6.18%) complete the top 5.


The International Yearbook 2022 has a digital format and features printed copies with restricted circulation. The proposal of the Think Plastic Brazil project is to ensure that the information contained in the yearbook can be quickly updated by the companies themselves. “One advantage of the Yearbook is that it is updated live – each month, we will be adding new information, advertisements, and news online,” explained Carlos Moreira.