Interview with Helmer Valencia – World Plastic Connection (Market Research)

Think Plastic Brazil

Think Plastic Brasil interviewed Helmer Valencia, responsible for the new market studies that will be presented to the market in our World Plastic Connection webinars. Our team will present some ideas found in these events, starting with the Market Study – Civil Construction in the Peruvian market.
Think Plastic Brazil: What stands out as the most interesting information found in this study?
Helmer Valencia: Peru has an enormous potential at the consumption level. Every day more companies come to offer services such as supermarkets and large stores.
The consumer is increasingly prepared and demanding.
The hardware store channel is made up of 18 thousand points, between retail hardware stores (Small and medium-sized, 82%) and hardware chains (which belong to large business groups, with 18%).
Virtual commerce in the case of hardware stores has had a sustained growth of 25% in the last 3 years.
Think Plastic Brazil: Is it time to participate in that market?
Helmer Valencia: Yes, it is the moment, for several aspects:
• Large infrastructure projects are restarted with the Public Private Partnerships (PPP) scheme.
• Expansion of Jorge Chávez airport: New control tower and second runway.
• Works of the Second Line for the Lima Subway system
• Recovery is expected in the private sector.
• Programs to promote public investment such as Arranca Peru and Reconstruction with Changes, will have a positive impact as of the second half of 2021.

Think Plastic Brazil: Even with the pandemic, is this the time to invest in this market?
Helmer Valencia: To enter the Peruvian market, the following guidelines must be taken into account:
– Analyze the products and services of the Brazilian company
– Analyze what you wish to offer to the Peruvian market
– Understand the purchase options
– Hold meetings with potential distributors
– Organize the proposal plan: Costs, minimum sales, production times, delivery times, capacity to produce under the maquila format, among other aspects.