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In the coming months, Think Plastic Brazil will be publishing its reports on the World Plastic Connection Award 2023. The texts are authored by Mariane Volpini, and the full articles are available at Follow it here:

1 – Innovation and technology for the plastic sector

3rd World Plastic Connection Summit scheduled to take place on August 21-24, 2023, with innovation and awards for the plastic industry

Scheduled to take place in August 2023, the third edition of the World Plastic Connection Summit promises to promote even more knowledge in sustainability and innovation for the plastic industry. The event, which will be taking place on Brazilian soil, brings together companies and customers from all over the world.

Above all, the event will be held on behalf of Think Plastic Brazil, which promotes a Yearbook alongside its member companies.

In its second edition, which took place in November this year, the Connection Summit featured lectures, awards for Think Plastic Brazil members, business roundtables, and the Buyer Project.

For its next edition, the program seeks to further expand the scope of the event. Therefore, the time of lectures must be increased, while the award is expected to reach beyond member companies.

According to Camila Dantas, Marketing and Market Intelligence Manager at Polo Films, the second edition of the World Plastic Connection Summit was sensational. “It was great the segment and the way in which it established values of quality, ESG, innovation, and other key concepts for companies today.”

The event took place in a hybrid format. According to Dantas, this format made it possible to exchange experiences and lessons learned, as well as valuing projects and initiatives that are fundamental for the plastic segment.


Recognition of associates

Polo Films won third place in the Technical category of the World Plastic Connection Award 2022.

The company was recognized for its sustainable practices in its production line. “Proposing new ideas and sustainable solutions for plastic packaging are important pillars of activity at Polo Films, which is why we were extremely happy to see our B-flex product win in this category,” declared the manager.

In addition to Polo Films, other companies such as C-Pack Creative Packaging, a manufacturer of extruded tubes, and Videplast, a plastic packaging company were also contemplated by the award.

Both won in the excellence category of the World Plastic Connection Award 2022, with Videplast being awarded second place and C-Pack Creative Packaging being award third place.

In this sense, “the award helps to consecrate companies that invest in technology, the human factor, marketing, and development of more sustainable products,” explained Domenico Macchia Junior, Director of Videplast.

According to him, these were the areas that received the most investment by the company, and thus, the award has come as demonstration of a great investment made.

Expectations for the next edition of the event

For the third edition of the World Plastic Connection Summit, companies expect an even greater connection between companies and positive balances.

Camila Resegue Rosa Siffert, Sales Executive at C-Pack Creative Packaging, stated: “we hope to have more time for business meetings, as the meetings were too short to allow us introduce the company and be relevant to customers.”

Above all, the event will continue in a hybrid format and will seek to further expand the number of countries following the moment of the industry. That is because, in this last edition, it had 14,000 hits from 54 countries.

According to the Polo Films marketing manager, the second edition of the World Plastic Connection Summit generated a positive balance that fuels expectations for the next edition.

Dantas concluded, “such a well thought-out and organized event clearly generates even more positive expectations for its next edition.”

Award encourages progress in the plastic industry

The Think Plastic Brazil awards, granted at the World Plastic Connection Award 2022, acknowledged and honored the efforts and performance of member companies of the program

Aiming to recognize the merit and encourage the dissemination of the results of the Brazilian converted plastic industry in its export scope, the second edition of the World Plastic Connection Summit awarded the member companies of Think Plastic Brazil. To ensure better ratings, the awards were divided into three basic categories: Access, Special, and Excellency.

In this way, the first, second and third places in each category received a trophy and will be able to use the logos and award information in their communications without restrictions.

One of the awarded companies was Azul Pack Serviços Plásticos, which was honored with the World Plastic Certification Award.

According to Ana Beatriz Monteiro de Andrade, the company’s Marketing Manager, Azul Pack was one of the companies that most invested in national and international certifications, and for that reason, this is a great recognition of all the investment and dedication of the entire team.

The marketing manager declared: “The company has invested a lot not only in certifications, but also in machines and people. We wish to be among the world’s best companies in the segment in which we operate.”

The award ceremony was held in November 2022 and will be featured at the third edition of the World Plastic Connection Summit, scheduled to take place from August 21-24, 2023.

Other recognitions and members


Paulo Eduardo Bernardes Silva

In addition to Azul Pack, other companies highlighted the importance of the awards for the industry.

Such was the case with Fibrasa S/A. “It is of paramount importance. We are extremely honored to be recognized with this award,” said Paulo Eduardo Bernardes Silva, Commercial Manager of the company.

The company won first place in the BUSINESS CASE AWARD, in the Access category. Another company recognized in the same award, but in the Excellency category, was Copobras.


Alex Schlickmann

Alex Schlickmann, Commercial Manager of the Copobras Group, highlighted the importance of the award. “This demonstrates to the market that we are prepared and that we can measure our results through these awards, reinforcing that we have a lot of potential and that we can seek an even greater space in the foreign market.”

Copobras was honored 3 more times, in addition to this recognition.

  • 1st place – World Plastic Business Case Award – 1st place – World Plastic Design Award;
  • 1st place – World Plastic Design Award;
  • 1st place – World Plastic Development Award;
  • 2nd place – World Plastic Certification Award;


Morgana Bon

According to him, receiving 4 such relevant awards is something that places them in an important position in the market. “This recognition shows our customers that we invest in innovative and sustainable solutions to meet their needs.”

Morgana Bon, Product Engineering Coordinator at Copobras, reports that she is looking forward to another event rich in information and insights. “The World Plastic Connection Summit promotes and leverages the entire plastic industry towards an export-centered vision, understanding the opportunities in the segment and bringing more and more innovation to the packaging market,” she concluded.

What are the expectations for the next edition?

According to Andrade, Marketing Manager at Azul Pack, the event was very well organized and with great technical content. In turn, for the Commercial Manager of Fibrasa S/A, the lectures were interesting and of a high level.

Nevertheless, the highlight for him was the Buyer Project, which he hopes to be featured in the third edition of the event. Bernardes emphasized: “The project was very well formatted, offering great opportunities for interaction with international buyers.”

The World Plastic Connection Award brought a great incentive to professionals who are dedicated to increasing their participation in packaging exports.