São Bernardo: first sale to Qatar presents lines to the region

Think Plastic Brazil

Ambiente 2019, one of the most important Houseware events in Europe, which received in Frankfurt, Germany, 136 thousand buyers from 167 countries, was the main stage for an important achievement for São Bernardo company. It was in this event that the company closed, in the first contact and during the event, the first 40 HC container for a client in Qatar, Middle East. According to the company representative Dina Gazola, the quick and decided negotiation with the buyer was outstanding, demonstrating the commitment of local distributors. “We presented the products and sold a full collection for market test, which was delivered in this same year. Our expectation is that we will be well accepted and will also expand our presence in the meeting”, she explains. The representative counts on wide knowledge of the Arabian Market, having visited the region along with Apex-Brasil Mission in 2013, and again in 2018, with Think Plastic Brazil Commercial Mission. The company was present in Ambiente as well with the support from the Brazilian Transformed Plastic Exportation and Internationalization Project.