Think Plastic Brazil brings together agricultural attachés in a special webinar

Think Plastic Brazil

With the Panorama Agro theme – focus: Argentina, Colombia and Peru – Think Plastic Brazil brought together Andrea Parrilla (Agricultural Attaché and Federal Agricultural Fiscal Auditor), Clóvis Augusto Versalli Serafini (Agricultural Attaché of Brazil in Bogotá, Colombia) and Angela Pimenta Peres (Agricultural Attaché) in a webinar aimed at manufacturers of flexible structures for the agricultural segment and professionals in the areas of strategic planning and foreign trade. The purpose of the meeting was to present an overview of the agricultural market in Argentina, Colombia, and Peru.

The virtual meeting – the 20th Edition of the 4th World Plastic Connection cycle – was opened by Carlos Moreira, Manager of Think Plastic Brazil, and Emerson Raiol, ApexBrasil Analyst in charge of the portfolio. “This meeting is the result of the first meeting in Brasilia with the agricultural attachés and marks a key step towards the evolution of the contact between the converted plastics companies in Brazil in the agribusiness vertical and ambassadors of the segment from across the world, said Carlos Moreira.

“Think Plastic Brazil was a pleasant surprise at the meeting with the agricultural attachés, who were able to get in touch with the plastics area as major suppliers of inputs for the segment,” said Emerson Raiol.