Think Plastic Brazil is attending the Ambiente 2024 trade show with a group of 24 companies

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Think Plastic Brazil

The Brazilian booth will feature products from 24 brands. The delegation will also take part in a cycle of talks, a guided tour of key local retail chains (Retail Tour), and a guided visit to the trade show (Promenade).

In December 2023, Think Plastic Brazil celebrated its 20-year anniversary, setting a milestone for a legacy of innovations and achievements when it comes to the process of internationalizing in the industry. In line with one of the premisses in its 2024/2028 Strategic Plan, which aims to position the Brazilian manufactured plastics industry as one of the leading countries in innovation, design, and sustainability, the 2024 edition of the Ambiente show will be the stage for innovative actions. The goal of these actions is to connect the main players in the global market. At its booth, in addition to the retail tour, cycle of talks, promenade, and 11 display cases spread throughout the trade show, and the introduction of Color Trend 2024, a new Brazilian color guide[1], along with products made in these colors, we will also have renowned Brazilian designers Jum Nakao[2] and Marco Lobo[3] with us.

Think Plastic Brazil will be at the Ambiente 2024 trade show with a delegation of 24 Brazilian companies. The event is being held in Frankfurt, Germany from January 26 to 30. The project is geared toward promoting the export of manufactured plastic products and is carried out through a partnership between ApexBrasil (Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency) and the INP (National Institute of Plastic).

The Brazil booth will be located in pavilions 9.3 and 4.2. In addition to the program of talks and the product expo by the brands in attendance, there will be presentations of the 2023 Yearbook and Color Trend 2024. The former is a catalog of product launches and innovations from Brazilian companies, while the latter is a study of global trends in color and design, containing aspects of the plastic production chain in Brazil. Both were launched during the III World Plastic Connection Summit.

Companies attending the event include Alklin, Alumínio Oliveira, Bettanin, Brinox, Dello, Evo, Fischer, Indústria Bandeirante, Jaguar Plásticos, Lolly Baby, Maxcrill, Maxeb, Metaltru, MTA, Nitronplast, OU Martiplast, Sanremo, São Bernardo, Simonaggio, Soprano, Stolf, Termolar, Vasap Design and Vasart. The products featured are not only focused on color, but also prioritize design and sustainability.

Twelve outstanding brands at the Color Trend 2024 Expo

Products in the colors from Color Trend 2024 will be on display at various points of the Ambiente 2024 trade show, in 11 showcases known as Dekora (Halls 5; 6; 8; 8-12; and 11 and in the Festhalle). The companies displaying products are Aluminio Oliveira, Bettanin, Evo, Lolly Baby, Maxcrill, Poly Play, Sanremo, Simonaggio, Termolar, Vasap Design, and Vasart.

Parallel program includes the Retail Tour and Promenade

Think Plastic Brazil is also organizing parallel activities starting on the 24th, when the Retail Tour will be held, a schedule of guided visits to retailers in Frankfurt, pointing out trends and the latest in the industry. There will also be a cycle of talks leading up to the event, to be attended by Brazil’s Consul General in Frankfurt.

The project will also promote the Promenade, a guided visit to the trade show for benchmarking and analysis of trends in products, colors, innovation, and sustainability. Brazilian designer Jum Nakao and design specialist Marco Lobo will be in charge of leading these activities.

“This will provide a valuable opportunity to learn from industry specialists, acquire knowledge on the latest trends, and establish trade connections,” explains Carlos Moreira, the Chief Project Officer of the Brazilian Plastic Institute and Think Plastic Brazil.

Jum Nakao was responsible for organizing the closing ceremony of the London Olympics and for the Olympics’ opening ceremony in Brazil. He has also shown his work at major international events, such as the New Zealand Art Festival, the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, the Milan Design Fair, and others. Marco Lobo is a design specialist with 20 years of experience in public policies on design and with international trade promotion and serves as an adviser to the Brazilian Design Program.

Learn about the products at the expo by accessing our Yearbook here.

About Think Plastic Brazil 
Think Plastic Brazil was created in December 2003, when the integrated Brazilian plastics chain was chosen as one of the ten biggest in the world and was recognized for its cutting-edge technology as well as its human resources capabilities. The project is carried out in collaboration with ApexBrasil (Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency) and under the coordination of the INP (National Institute of Plastic), to promote the export of manufactured plastic products.

About ApexBrasil
The Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (ApexBrasil) works to promote Brazilian products and services abroad and to attract foreign investments to strategic sectors of the Brazilian economy. To reach its goals, ApexBrasil executes a range of trade promotion activities aimed at promoting exports and adding value to Brazilian products and services abroad. These initiatives include prospective and trade missions, business talks, support for Brazilian companies to take part in major international trade show and visits by foreign buyers and tastemakers aimed at familiarizing them with Brazil’s production structure, among other business platforms which are also geared towards strengthening the Brazil brand.

[1]Color Trend 2024, the third edition of the “Color Guide” released each year at the end of an in-depth global study of trends, carrying Brazilian culture and history in total synergy and involving industries from every link in the plastic production chain. Watch the video here:
[2] Jum Nako was not only responsible for organizing the closing ceremony at the London Olympics and the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Brazil, but has also shown his work at major international events, such as the New Zealand Art Festival, the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, the Milan Design Fair, and many more (
[3]Marco Lobo holds a Master’s in Design from the University of Brasilia (UnB), a specialist degree in University Teaching from Centro Universitário de Brasilia (Uniceub), and Bachelor’s in Design from the University of Brasilia (UnB). With 15 years of experience with public policies on design and with international trade promotion, he was an adviser to the Brazilian Design Program, under the Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade, and is an associate professor in the Design Department at Univille, in Joinville, Santa Catarina. Apex-Brasil Project Manager for the Machinery and Equipment, Design and Fashion departments. Adviser to the Center for Strategic Studies Management – CGEE/MCTI. Innovation and Design Manager at Apex-Brasil.