Vemplast renews brand and launches VEM

Think Plastic Brazil

Now with a new website ( VEM – the new name of Vemplast – has adjusted its brand to the company’s new moment, focusing on the company’s main guidelines: resistance, variety, versatility, sustainability, and reliability. “It has 12 years of history, and to celebrate this milestone, we are expanding our portfolio, presenting practical solutions for everyday problems,” said the industry statement signed by Renata and Ricardo Oliveira.
The new brand guide presents as guidelines for changing the corresponding information according to each attribute described:
Our products are drop-proof and do not crack, chip or shatter, reducing the replacement of parts and generating a great value for money.
We have a wide variety of products with innovative design and several color options, produced with different raw materials, to serve clients ranging from the end consumer to retailers, industrial kitchens, and hotels, among others.
We develop products that adapt to different occasions, taking an air of refinement and sophistication wherever they go, improving the presentation of food, and bringing a new concept to serving.
We care about the future of the planet, which is why we create durable goods, made from recyclable materials, which do not require the use of disposable items and do not harm the environment.
We are always reinventing ourselves, looking for new technologies and developing highly durable products to always offer the best for your kitchen and home. VEM’s quality is something you can trust!
Check out the company’s institutional video on the website