World Plastic Connection International Award 2023 opens up room for the entire Brazilian plastics industry and encourages competitiveness

Plastics Sector

Think Plastic Brazil

The World Plastic Connection Award is dedicated to the Brazilian converted plastic industries opens registration for companies not associated with Think Plastic Brazil and will be delivered on August 22, during the 3rd World Plastic Connection Summit. This year, the award received 54 entries from companies that will compete in four categories, divided by their degree of maturity (Beginners, Matures, Experts), and the type of vertical (Retail or Technical Plastics). The main innovation this year is the opening of registrations for companies not associated with the Think Plastic Brazil program.

All participants had their cases presented, and design projects on internationalization, certification and investments in marketing were audited by an independent company and evaluated by a panel of judges composed of distinguished professionals with knowledge of the internationalization process; the government in all its spheres; and industry researchers, among others.

The first, second and third places in each category will receive a trophy and will be able to use the award logos and information in their communications unrestrictedly.

Learn more about the competition’s four categories below:

World Plastic Business Case Award: It will reward the best successful international cases.

World Plastic Global Design Award: This category will reward companies that are investing in the Original Design of products and packaging, as well as actions and projects related to sustainable design and ecodesign.

World Plastic Commercial and Image Promotion Investments Award: It will reward the largest investments in international commercial and image promotion.

World Plastic Development Award: It will award the companies that have evolved the most in terms of export maturity

“The World Plastic Connection Award is the only award that honors companies in the plastics market focusing on the international market and dictating trends in design and sustainability for the sector. We believe that opening registration for companies not associated with Think Plastic Brazil fulfills our goal of stimulating the competitiveness of Brazilian companies in the internationalization process through innovation, design, and sustainability,” explained Carlos Moreira, Strategy and Project Planning Manager at Think Plastic Brazil.