Vasart develops a circular collection of 100% recyclable plant pots

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Action is being carried out in partnership with Therpol and Plataforma Circular

Have you ever wondered what it is like to have a pot produced from the fabric of an old pair of jeans? Yes, this novelty has just taken shape through a partnership of three companies. With new sustainable ways in mind, Vasart has partnered with Therpol and Plataforma Circular to develop a circular collection of pots, Vasart Renova Therpol, which is produced using Therpol biotechnology and fabric fibers combined with polyethylene.

Denim pots in 4 different formats and measures: 58 cm x 80 cm; 45 cm x 55 cm; 58 cm x 24 cm, and 35 cm x 40 cm / Published by Vasart


How is the denim pot made?

This process includes a few key steps:


1 – First, the Platforma Circular app, by Cotton Move (which aims to reduce textile waste) collects jeans that are at the end of their use cycle. In partnership with Retalhar (which performs reverse logistics), these clothes are completely torn apart until they become fibers.


2 – After that, these fibers are added to therpol (thermoplastic – a biotechnology based on rubber from the rubber tree), currently used in the composition of several products.


3 – Finally, Vasart receives the compound with the result of this blend and inserts this raw material into the production of its rotomolded pots, whi

ch are mainly made with polyethylene. Even better, this process is circular, that is, in the future, the discarded pot will become a brand new pot!

100% recyclable
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Initially, the pieces will be available in 4 different sizes: 58 cm x 80 cm; 45 cm x 55 cm; 58 cm x 24 cm; and 35 cm x 40 cm, all in denim color and in the shape of the pots from the Bali collection, which bring a lot of charm to the decor.

The pots can be used outdoors and indoors, as they are resistant to sunlight and rain thanks to their high-quality material.


Before the denim pot became a reality, the parties involved went a long way of studies, tests, meetings, and partnerships. “It is a great honor to be part of this project, especially alongside companies that are so heavily dedicated to sustainability. This successful partnership was only possible thanks to the study, commitment and willingness of everyone to seek creative and sustainable solutions for the environment,” said Silvana Novaes, Director of Vasart.


The denim pots have a modern and laid-back look, in addition to combining with different decoration styles / Disclosure Vasart


Where to find the pots:

On the Vasart website ( and at Leroy Merlin stores.