Color Trend 2023 presented by Alexandre Herchcovitch

Think Plastic Brazil

One of the outstanding actions at the World Plastic Connection Summit was the launching of the International Color Trend 2023, created to meet professionals of the plastic industry in Brazil and worldwide. This year it counted on the signature of world-renowned artist, creator and designer Alexandre Herchcovitch. 


The designer divided the Color Trend 2023 in 4 themes:  Material, Recycle Marble, Wooden Blocks, and Metallic Utilities. 


“I was very glad to have been invited to think of the colors for 2023. The initiative is very important because it shows trends to the sector. Having a specific look to each sector ends up by providing us with a guide.  The most interesting is to call someone from another sector to make this interference, this research”, said Herchcovitch.


During the recent COVID-19 pandemic, the house started to have a central role in people’s lives, and that served as inspiration to Herchcovitch. “We noticed that the house became a star lately and household products are being reconsidered, because they must be useful and beautiful; they were not made to be kept hidden”, said the designer, who was also inspired by elements of nature to point out the trends that appear in the guide like tobacco, military green, industrial blue, pink and tomato. 


Among textures, on the other hand, Alexandre highlights marble. “Plastic is highly democratic because it accepts any color and texture. I have seen many plastic artists working again with marble, and those more mixed, with veins and colors, which is easily replicable in plastic”, he said.


Another trend is wood. “While following this trend of natural raw materials, I noticed wood blocks by choosing different types of wood. This idea is easily replicated in plastic”, explained the designer.


For Herchcovitch, metallic tones are “easily applicable” in plastic. “Another trend I see is the return of products and furniture with strong use of metal, and metalized plastics. You can obtain lightness, any type of shape, a little bit of malleability; it is the imitation of a metalized raw material, however with plastic properties”, he added.  


In the building of colors, Alexandre thought of a proposal to make products less monochromatic, inspiring the creation of contemporary collections with colored parts, or with blocks in different colors. He also suggests to “use and abuse” colors that are not natural, like magenta, pop green, and neon orange, one of his favorite colors. “In plastic we have that with a lot of property and richness. It’s possible to mix fluorescent colors in a marble trend”, he exemplified.


The Masterbatches with the colors presented in Color Trend 2022 are from Colorfix. 


Think Plastic Brazil’s associated companies that produced the pieces in processed plastic within the proposals of the International Color Trend are: Bral-Max, Crippa, Balões São Roque, Fame, Jaguar Plásticos, Lolly, Alklin, Termolar, uz., Vasap Design, Vasart, and Vouga Decor.


Alexandre Herchcovitch sees the Color Trend as an opportunity of opening that makes us think ahead. “We will create a laboratory of future products that will be a success. We can’t wait too long to have this space in companies to think of future products. This is the Color Trend role, though I understand that it is a book to think ahead”, he concluded.